How To Not Lose Money At Casinos

Gambling should be something you do for pleasure, something you do for fun, a means to relieve stress, not to add more to the mix. It is quite easy to get carried away with gambling your savings away. But don;t worry, it is not all on you. The casino plays a big hand in this as well. However, there are certain ways to control yourself from wasting away your hard earned money. A few of these are listed below.

Choosing The Right Game

There are a LOT of games at a casino. Even though it changes from casino to casino, the basic idea behind a game when it comes to casinos is that they want a more profitable game. So house edges are what they are after. To save money, you need to play games that have a smaller house edge. In most cases, the lowest house edge you can get on a game is Blackjack, with a house edge of less than 1% if you play basic strategy. Video Poker is also a good bargain with a 5% house edge. Slot machines can have the highest house edge, anywhere between 10-30% house edge. So if you find yourself losing consistently at one game, try switching up with another with a smaller house edge.

Pick The Right Casino For Your Taste

Some casinos offer more comps than others. Some give more free stuff, complimentary vouchers, hotel stays, and much more. Some casinos however have a policy of minimum bets. This means that you will need to pay a certain number of games to get these comps. So if you are not comfortable wagering that much, you need to find another place. Similarly, if something isn’t working out for you, change casinos or at least change tables.

Have A Plan

Gambling is only fun when you do so responsibly. You need to have a plan devised much before you set foot in the casino. If possible do not bring a credit card. Try to pay everything in cash because in the chance that you do get carried away, the lack of money can snap you back to reality. Try to break up the money you brought into smaller denominations so that they will not overspend on one game and lose it all.

Don’t Play The Game If You Don’t Know It

Casinos have a multitude of games and even if you are a regular casino player, chances are you might have not played all of them. The thing with casino games is that if you make a mistake, the house edge creeps up much faster and before you know it, you might be knee deep in debt. So it is always best to stick to games you have experience gambling in.

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